LANalarm: Your Silent Software Alarm Solution

LANalarm can help if your office runs with any of the following risks:

  • Health emergencies
  • Violent or irate visitors
  • Violent co-workers
  • Other non-fire-related emergencies, such as:
    • Bio-hazard
    • Natural Gas leak
    • General facility emergency
    • Weather-related emergency

LANalarm is a fail-proof silent alarm system for workspaces provided by Pentad Systems. This network alarm system alerts everyone connected to the local area network that an employee is in danger. Too many times businesses have been struck by unpredictable robberies or health predicaments because they did not have the proper alarm system to alert co-workers of danger. When circumstances go awry, the LANALARM system will provide the confidence a workspace needs to truly keep its employees safe.

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LANalarm is the ideal solution for your office alarm needs. If a worker in your office needs to alert the entire office in case of an emergency, LANalarm can provide a fast, easy, silent and efficient alert system. LANalarm is an immediate personal alert. LANalarm runs on your Windows-based PC and office LAN.

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